• Amazing Viet Show Has Been Launched

    On the night of April 25th, 2016 at The Vshow theater in Ho Chi Minh City, well-known American Vietnamese comedian Van Son grand-opened the premiere Amazing Viet Show. This show is exclusively represented for tourists at home and abroad....

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Mai Dinh Toi Guinness

He has achieved numerous awards such as Guinness Vietnam Records, Gold Record, Vietnam - The Strange Stories. He was named in the Guinness World Records.

His talent shows include: Using the drink bottle or plastic water pipe as plate, knocking dishes like lithopone, blowing a single or two flutes concurrently by using his nostril, make music by blowing leaves tree...

Material-art master Quoc Cuong

Master Quoc Cuong's most unique talents in the world include using his single finger to break the coconut, eating the neon light, swallowing a live snake and many more…

Xuan Dieu Guinness

Xuan Dieu, who has been known as a person who can blow milk, blows inner tube of motorcycle, blows out the candles, firing darts by using his eyes.

The Guinness Book Vietnam Center records him as a talent people who can use his eyes to blow milk into beam 2.60 m (8.5 ft) long.

Material-art master Kim Tuan

Master Kim Tuan, who currently holds the fastest talent record in Vietnam, peels coconuts with his bare teeth performance. Many of his incredible performances that stunned audience include: Pedi cab and truck pulling by his eyes, and hammers nails using his head.

Material-art master Bao Cuong

Bao Cuong, also known as The Kung Fu Circus, overcame thousands of other talented people from 15 countries and many territories all over Asia. He is the only person from Vietnam to made his way into the semi-final round of the popular TV show in Asia, “Asia’s Got Talent 2015.

Master Bao Cuong invigorated the audience with a spine-chilling, meandering snake tucked into his nose and pulled out of his mouth, swallowing a 50 cm (20 in.) blade, sword and scissors swallowing into the stomach, and standing on sharp glasses.

Phan Thanh Huy talent

Phan Thanh Huy with a knack for breaking dance joints on the body: a combination of dance movements to the cries of the joints sprinkled shook hands, feet.

Huu Cuong talent

Conquering the audience while performing his special ability: the Horde, the first motorcycle ...