• Amazing Viet Show Has Been Launched

    On the night of April 25th, 2016 at The Vshow theater in Ho Chi Minh City, well-known American Vietnamese comedian Van Son grand-opened the premiere Amazing Viet Show. This show is exclusively represented for tourists at home and abroad....

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About Us


With the enthusiasm of contributing something for Ho Chi Minh City tourism, comedian Van Son has launched the program called "Amazing Viet Show" to serve tourists at home and abroad in The V Show theater.

The Amazing Viet Show features world record holder artists with their unique and a multitude of other remarkable abilities. Witness extraordinary human ability unleashed in the dynamic 90 minutes live show. It is infused with enchanting music, zestful dances, vivid color and deft rendition of the three quintessential Vietnamese cultural regions (north, central and south).

The collective arts program, Amazing Viet Show is held at the V Show theater in the heart of Saigon, Vietnam. No expenses were spared in bringing you unparalleled sound, optimum lighting, and unsurpassed stage sets. We cordially invite you to attend and make it an unforgettable experience when you are in Vietnam.

Our Mission

Wishing that tourists arriving to Ho Chi Minh City will not only have an exciting entertainment venue but also understand Vietnamese culture. Amazing Viet Show brings together the talents as well as the record breakers who do arts performance which is elaborately staged and imbued with national identity.

Amazing Viet Show engages in co-operation with of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism and in companionship of the enterprises, tour operators, hotels participation with the purpose of spreading out the image of the Vietnamese. Besides watching amazing arts performing programs, tourists can also enjoy delicious, diverse and characteristic food of different regions in Vietnam.